January 11, 2014

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Completes Third Successful Supersonic Flight

SpaceShipTwo (central fuselage) carried under its mothership,
White Knight Two. Source: Wikipedia
Despite the fact that a taking flight on this craft is far too expensive for the majority it doesn't really lessen the fact that it is an incredible achievement. That is, once they begin allowing public flight purchases. It's good that space travel is being wrestled out of the hands of governments and into the market where it will be, in time, become more affordable for the rest of us. And the SpaceShipTwo is only the beginning of space travel for the wider population on this planet.

Soon enough, it may even lead to a quicker push for preliminary settlements planned on Mars, for example. While this won't be the craft, shuttle or what-have-you to take people there it'll likely push/inspire our government to move more quickly on such a thing. Especially with China working on the same. Although, that's a whole different subject.

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