January 12, 2013

America's Richest Counties; Reliance on Government Spending

Map of Virginia highlighting Loudoun County
Map of Virginia highlighting Loudoun County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
America’s Richest Counties on Forbes
When Scott York first showed up in Loudoun County more than two decades ago, he found a rural patch of northern Virginia with 80,000 residents and 300 dairy farms. Today, there are 320,000 residents and only one remaining dairy in Loudoun County, which has become the richest county in the nation.
In short, as the article at Forbes continues, it practically congratulates Loudoun County building it's own economy on the unreliable. Especially concerning its closeness to Washington D.C. Which is what Scott York acknowledges.
Yes, it can be considered something of a 'great achievement'. Yet the tone used, that he came upon this semi-rural area of Northern Virginia and has seen it turned it into a modern, affluent community isn't as great as it seems. Going from 300 dairy farms to only one in the county isn't something to brag about. Wiping out practicality and local production for less geographically-important "production" for modernity isn't, fully, a great decision. Sure, it brings in the dollars but what happens when reliance on government spending, even indirect reliance, falls out?

Even worse, what if the government looks to economic 'grabs' to recollect on and pull themselves up. For they will see the receivers of windfall from the government as the ones who should first put funds forth to financially help them out. All in all, Loudoun County's riches aren't that remarkable given a fuller, potential picture.

When the government stops spending, the county stops thriving. Basing most of your local economic "boom" on one thing, sort of like putting all your eggs in one basket, isn't a good idea at all. Things like this is why the federal government hasn't, for a long while, represented ordinary Americans. And i doubt the lower middle class and poor feel much of the so-called riches in Loudoun County, Virginia either.
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